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Work and Project Experience

Work experience

  • Robotics Engineer
    May 2017 – Currently
    Ascent Robotics, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • Ascent is a fresh and quickly growing AI startup just coming out from stealth mode. More details soon.
    • Links: Ascent Robotics webpage.

  • Self-Driving Car Software Engineer
    October 2016 – April 2017
    ZMP Inc., Autonomous Driving unit, Advanced Autonomous Driving team, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • ZMP is a Research&Development startup that, among other projects, delivers the underlying technology (RoboCar) for RobotTaxi. RobotTaxi is a self-driving taxi service planned for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The company also develops delivery robots and drones, automatic warehouse carts and other smart car accessories such as a remote control interface and the IZAC onboard computer.
    • I was responsible for designing and leading the implementation of the point cloud subsystem of the next generation RoboCar ADAS system that was launched in Spring 2017. I also researched object segmentation and detection algorithms, scene understanding algorithms and point cloud registration algorithms. I worked with Velodyne Lidar, IBEO lidars, KonicaMinolta lidar and PointGrey cameras, in C++ and Python.
    • For a short time, I was also working on medical image processing which was a research side project / feasibility study. It was a tool for me to learn deep learning tools and architecture (using Python and TensorFlow).
    • Links: ZMP webpage, RoboCar product pageRobotTaxi webpage, Carriro webpage

  • Software Engineer
    March 2016 – October 2016
  • Associate Software Engineer
    Nov 2013 – Feb 2016
    Cognex, Vision Products unit, Core Engineering team, Budapest Office

    • Cognex is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial vision systems, including smart cameras, barcode scanners and 3D scanners. Its products are widely used in factories ranging from electronics through automotive all the way to pharma and food.
    • I worked on the next generation of Cognex Desiner for 2.5 years; I was a core member of the project from architecture design through implementation to bug-fixing and release. It is a multi-million dollar project developed at 5 locations around the Earth. I worked in C#, TypeScript, JavaScript.
    • I also worked on Cognex VisionView, which is an operator interface for the smart cameras on the product line, typically installed on a touch screen device. I worked in C# and C++ on desktop and embedded Windows systems.
    • Links: Cognex website, Cognex Designer product page, VisionView product page

  • Research Intern/Contractor
    Feb 2012 – Oct 2013
    Machine Perception Research Laboratory, MTA SZTAKI (Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Computer Science and Control).

    • MTA SZTAKI is the computer science branch of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It mostly works on basic research topics in virtually every computer science field (robotics, web, control theory, AI, supercomputers, etc.) and also has cooperations with industry partners and occasionally launches spin-off companies.
    • My main work at MTA SZTAKI was research&development of point cloud processing algorithms: point cloud registration, segmentation and object detection as par of the project called Integrated 4D (i4D). I also worked on building segmentation, facade reconstruction (mapping). I worked in C++ on this project. My thesis is connected to this work and I also published my results in conference papers.
    • The secondary project I worked on with Lidar point clouds was to fuse urban scans (lidar point clouds) with studio scans (3D models of people and object). I am a co-author of a patent based on this project.
    • I also worked on 2D image processing: my initial intern project was researching methods to extract depth information from 2D images. I worked in MATLAB on this project.
    • Links: MTA SZTAKI webpage, Machine Percetion Research Laboratory webpage, i4D project webpage

School projects

  • Bachelor’s Thesis
    Sept 2012 – Dec 2012
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology.
    Title: Analysis Of 3D Dynamic Urban Scenes Based On LIDAR Point Cloud Sequences

    • My thesis is based on my work at MTA SZTAKI described above. The thesis can be downloaded from here.
    • I also presented my results at the annual Students’ Scientific Conference where I was awarded with a 2nd place prize in Signal and Image Processing section.

  • Senior project – Airborne hyperspectral camera software development
    Aug 2009 – May 2010
    Florida Institute of Technology, Department of Marine and Environmental Systems & Department of Computer Sciences.

    • I worked with the department of Marine and Environmental Systems on airborne hyperspectral camera system. I developed a driver and operator interface for a hyperspectral pushbroom camera that is used to scan the spectral signature of soils and water via an airplane. I worked in C and C++, using OpenGL.

  • Senior project – Tank battle simulation framework
    Jan 2009 – Jun 2009
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology.

    • In a team of 6 (both graduate and undergrad students) we designed and developed a software suite to control small AVR microcontroller controlled toy tanks (not including the driver-level programming that was done by electrical engineers). The tanks moved on a board containing markers and were controlled by a 3-layer Artificial Intelligence and 2 cameras overlooking the field. I worked on the software framework (C#) and on the AI algorithms (MATLAB). To my knowledge, the framework is still being used as an educational tool at the department and since has been used in different environment such as a hockey robot competition.

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