Oszkar Jozsa

Meguro-ku · Tokyo · Japan · jozsa.oszkar@gmail.com

I create the brains of your next car.

Senior engineer, team and technical leader with 8+ years experience in computer vision, robotics, machine learning and software engineering.

I have experience in working at multiple different environments from early-stage startup through mid-size company, goverment institute to multinational corporate job. My current interest are self-driving cars, smart robots and the software that is on them. I'm also interested in fintech and tech startups in general. Recently, I've been gaining experience in project and people management. I am currently working on self-driving car as a Sr. Engineering Lead which is a hybrid Engineering Manager and Technical Program Manager position in our organization.

I love clean code, solid architecture, comprehensive documentation (maybe a bit too much). I've been and I am working in many different areas including writing code, people management, working on tech roadmaps and project delivery, hooking up automation tools, hacking together simple embedded systems, presenting at conferences, field testing, negotiating with business partners or just manage projects on Jira. My strongest suit is possibly the fact that I can get shit done. I am currently managing a team of about 15 engineers and lead a project that spans across 40+ people (the majority of our company).

I am always trying to bring cheer and fun to my teams, I am quite a bit of joker and very laid back while also not afraid of hard work. Outside of automation and AI, I am also quite interested in space exploration and fintech.


Senior Engineering Lead

Ascent Robotics

I am leading the self-driving engineering and R&D at Ascent Robotics, being involved both in the technical and the operations/management side of the organization. I am acting both as an Engineering Manager for a large team and as a Technical Program Manager leading our self-driving vehicle and simulation development. My current and past roles at Ascent covers a range of robotics and software development tasks, including: SW architecture design, helping out ML research, robotics software development, systems engineering, self-driving operation management, field testing, code reviewing, roadmap planning, technical hiring, budgeting and product development.

March 2019 - Present

Technical Lead

Ascent Robotics

I was leading the broader self-driving engineering teams at Ascent Robotics while the organization was growing after our Series A investment. I was invovled with the vehicle robotics and perception team, infrastructure team and software tools team. Before restructuring, I was leading 30+ people in a constantly evolving environment and served as an interim CTO for a while. During this period, I started to learn and be involved with leadership and management while still actively working on engineering tasks.

March 2018 - March 2019

Senior Robotics Engineer

Ascent Robotics

I was leading a team of 5-7 engineers, developing the core framework of our deep learning and robotics platform. I was working on various self-driving engineering tasks including HW and SW architecture design, software engineering, technical hiring and project management. Additional to this, I was also working on financial intelligence projects.

September 2017 - February 2018

Robotics Engineer

Ascent Robotics

I joined Ascent Robotics as the company's 2nd engineer. I am actively participating in shaping the company ever since them, both on the code/architecture and on the organizational level. My initial tasks involved computer vision and software prototype development, architecture design and tech pitch to investors and potential partners.

May 2017 - August 2017

Software Engineer

ZMP Inc.

I worked on the then next-generation RoboTaxi, ZMP's self driving platfrom. I mostly worked on computer vision and robotic system software development. I also participated in systems setup, sensor calibation and testing the self-driving car both on the test track and in traffic.

October 2016 - April 2017

Software Engineer

Cognex Corp.

I developed vision software front-end (Cognex VisionView, Cognex Designer), mostly in C#, TypeScript and JavaScript. I was responsible for HMI framework design and implementation, script parsing, object serialization-deserialization and automatic code generation.

March 2016 - October 2016

Associate Software Engineer

Cognex Corp.
November 2013 - February 2016

Research Intern / Contractor

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Computer Science and Control

I joined as an intern and stayed at the Academy as a contractor Research Engineer. I was part of the Machine Perception Research Laboratory research group and worked on 2D and 3D computer vision, image processing and 3D object recognition and registration in Point Clouds. Most of my work was related to object detection, segmentation and scene understanding in lidar point clouds.

February 2011 - October 2013


Georgia Institute of Technology

Master of Science
Computer Science - Computational perception and Robotics Specialization

Remote studies. I dropped out because of my demanding startup work.

2015 - 2018

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Engineering - Autonomous Control Systems and Robots Specialization

I took a vide array of classes including Electrical and Mechanical Engineering classes to explore my interests. I also won two scholarships (see below).

2006 – 2012

Florida Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science

I won an EU scholarship (STARS - Sensing Technology and Robotics Scholarship) to spend a year in the US. During the year I was able to complete all Florida Tech courses that were disjunct from my program and gradudated both at Florida Tech and my home institute.

2009 - 2010

Aquincum Institute of Technology

Specialization courses
Computer Science

I was awarded an opportunity to take courses at Gabor Bojar's private college. I took courses in computer vision, computational biology, enterpreneurship and UX



I am quite agnostic on tools and languages. I like to learn new technologies and always prefer to choose the best tool for the purpose instead of sticking with one or two for all tasks.
I am good at multitasking, not afraid of managing all sorts of things and have a strong sense of timeliness and good estimates.
Programming Languages
  • C++
  • Python
  • C#
  • TypeScript
  • I also dabble some R, JavaScript and trying to pick up some Rust
Libraries, tools
  • Computer vision libraries (OpenCV, PCL, PIL)
  • TensorFlow, Pytorch and OpenAI tools (gym, baselines)
  • Python data science/machine learning stack (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit)
  • C++ STL, Boost, Qt
Soft skills and misc. experience
  • Experience in leadership at a growth stage startup in rapidly changing environment (tech architecture design, business and story planning, bridging the gap betwen R&D and development, investor and partner relations, office expansions, budgeting, extensive experience in interviewing and building teams from scratch)
  • Practical knowlege in machine learning (both traditional methods and modern deep learning, reinforcement learning)
  • Famility with modern software management tools (GitHub, BitBucket, Confluence, Jira, LiquidPlanner, Trac) and automation tools (Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity)
  • Strong sense and preference in well-crafted architecture, beautiful code and comprehensive documentation
  • Experience in writing research papers and patents
  • Basic (user-level) cloud compute knowledge
  • I am a strong team player. I like to work on the architecture level, I like to design structure and connect the pieces instead of just focusing on a piece.
  • Not afraid of touching the hardware; writing code for embedded systems, taking robots or vehicles apart, etc.
  • I am equally comfortable on Linux and Windows, use both of them daily
  • I mostly use Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. Occasionally CLion. In the past, I've also used Netbeans and Eclipse


When not working, I enjoy traveling, taking photos of random things, exploring the city, trying new food places or riding my motorbike. I try to visit at least 5-6 countries each year.

My technical interests outside of work are space exploration, airplanes, cars and motorbikes. I've been experimenting with home automation a bit and planning to learn some mechanical knowledge as soon as I find a place that allows me to tinker on vehicles.